Red Beryl advises startups and SMEs on strategic and operational finance, tax, and accounting matters. We work with passionate entrepreneurs to help manage their businesses’ finances successfully during growth phases and advise them on their growth options with the aim of contributing to job creation in the region. Our vision is to see more startups and SMEs flourishing and expanding regionally because we believe in growing economies from grassroots levels.

Sound financial management is a huge success factor in successful businesses startups. The truth is that at the end of the day, your business must make money to be able to continue its operations. Red Beryl’s mission is to support small and medium enterprises in their journey to becoming self-sustaining ventures. Our aspiration is to help our clients’ businesses develop from their nascent stages to eventually becoming established within the country and then growing regionally. We embody the saying that the world is your oyster.



We prize out of the box thinking in our approach to finding solutions and we hope to attract entrepreneurs with the same ethos: boldness to venture into uncharted territories.

At Red Beryl, our word is as good as our bond. We pride ourselves in our reliability as well as our competence that enables us to deliver on our promise to you.

Audacity, action, doing rather than endless planning. This is what we stand for. We know that an opportune moment may very well be missed through obsession with perfection. And the devil is in the details.

We conduct our analysis thoroughly and with the utmost care possible. All this with the goal of catapulting you towards growth and improvement.

Today many advisors are so focused on the end result that they do not care about the means they use to arrive at it. Red beryl is different: it measures its success in terms of customer satisfaction, not simply a set of deliverables. Delighting our clients is at the heart of what we do, and we take the fulfillment of your needs very seriously. With such a philosophy, you can rest assured that not only will the job get done, but that the delivery will be done to your satisfaction.